u should ban it

Every kind of gentic engineering should be illegal no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your organization just save us from losing our minds during a debate!!!
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outlawing technology is pointless and if we don't embrace it and learn how to use it only people who seek to do harm will learn how to use it they will create the monster you are all so fear full of

The US hasn't banned it?

It would be as ridiculous as outlawing a fork and knife for the dinner table... (put other example of dangerous tools we use everyday here) ... we NEED this, it's another step forward. Without medicine we would die, without a fork and knife it would be a bit awkward when eating, without a well insulated home, in some places people would freeze, or swelter. It's not smart to outlaw something based on how dangerous it is, it is however practical to put certain limits on how it can or cannot be used.

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