A Great Education Starts at Home

When parents are actively and constructively involved in their children’s education it can make a very big difference in how well students do in school. What can we do in our schools and community to inspire and
help more parents to become more involved in their children’s education?

  • Have high expectations of parents and educate them about the most important ways they can help their
    children succeed in school

  • Break down the barriers between schools and parents
  • Leave parent involvement to parents so that the schools can concentrate on teaching


On December 11, 2012 mitchelshane76 says:

Home education is a basement for every student which provides a better and bright platform and also decides the future and performance of the student in further regards. So the barriers of education policy starts from home by the parents therefore philosophers are mention parents as the first teacher of a child and a kid should learn every behavior from their parents from the very beginning of life.

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