Ready for 21st Century Careers

Whether they’re planning to attend a four-year university, a two-year degree program or enter an on-the-job training program, today’s students will be living in a world of rapid technological change where more and more good jobs and promising careers will require a solid background in math, engineering, technology and science (METS). Unfortunately, recent studies suggest that we are not doing a good enough job teaching METS subjects to today’s students. How can we change these trends and make sure that all students who graduate from our high schools have the METS education they’ll need? We examine three approaches:

  • Invest in great teachers: skilled, enthusiastic teachers with a deep knowledge of their subject area are the key to helping students master METS subjects.
  • Better accountability: the key to better results is demanding more of our teachers, students and schools through a strong and smart system of accountability.
  • 21st century curriculum: a challenging, engaging, world-class METS curriculum that will help students meet the challenges of today’s world is the real key to student success.


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